Recommended use

AltiSeal is ideal for the protection of wood in various outdoor applications such as fences, decks, railings, garden boxes, posts, building sidings, roof shingles, exterior doors, exposed structures and more. It is a concentrated product with 100% activity for best protection and strengthening of wood in outdoor applications. AltiSeal is an environmentally friendly, oil based concentrate that is applied to wood surfaces as a deep penetrating sealant and reinforcement of weathered and unfinished wood.

Quick tips:

  • For brush and roller application; use AltiSeal in concentrated form (as purchased) for best results in most applications.
  • Some spray equipment used at cooler temperatures may require some thinning (to lower the viscosity). If needed, dilute AltiSeal with a small amount of xylene, mineral spirits, thinners or similar solvent. Test solvent compatibility by mixing a small amount first. Add just enough solvent to be able to spray with equipment.
  • AltiSeal can be used on previously stained or treated wood, but old paint and varnish coatings may need to be sanded before using AltiSeal to ensure direct contact with wood.
  • AltiSeal is not a stain but can affect color, especially heavily aged or weathered wood (often similar to what it would look like when wet). Test effect in an inconspicuous area first.
  • It is best to use AltiSeal on dry wood and plan work to avoid rain for at least 6 hours after application.
  • For items or surfaces that require a quick dry to touch (such as outdoor wood furniture, doors, etc.); allow about one hour for AltiSeal to soak into the wood and then wipe off all excess liquid from the surface (cloth can be washed with water and soap afterwards).
  • To achiever both deeper penetration and high surface protection in cases of excessive absorption or bulky items, use AltiSeal in diluted form to apply the first coating (apply more coatings if needed). Allow 2-4 months to penetrate and cure; then use the concentrate (undiluted product) to apply final coating.
  • Consider adding a second coating after a few more months if needed.
  • Equipment and spills can easily be cleaned with water and dish soap.
  • Follow all safety recommendations and environmental regulations.

AltiSeal is used to reduce water induced cracking, warping and biological attack of wood. It repels water at the wood surface and penetrate to the core where it displaces water and strengthens the wood with its structural bonding functionality. The liquid has a very light, yellow color which does not act as a stain, but enhances the natural appearance of the wood and retain its appearance for extended periods of time. It has strong water repellency properties which is infused into the wood substructure to protect the core from water penetration and its associated damages. AltiSeal is designed with a delayed curing mechanism to allow deep penetration into the substructure before it slowly bond with the internal wood structure where it forms a resinous reinforcement of the internal substructure. AltiSeal is 100% active with no evaporating solvents – the full amount of liquid applied will remain in the wood matrix and solidify as part of the wood structure.

AltiSeal can be applied with brush, roller or with spraying equipment. The amount of product needed depends on the type of wood, age, dimensions, the degree of weathering and prior treatments. AltiSeal should not be used on painted, varnished or any other non-porous wood coating that will not allow direct contact with the wood. Old paint or varnish can be removed by sanding to expose the wood surface and to allow direct contact with the substructure. AltiSeal can be used on most previously stained wood if free from any wax, resin or polymer coating.

Best results will be obtained by using AltiSeal on dry wood with less water to be displaced during penetration. Plan work to avoid rain for at least 6 hours after application. Use at higher ambient temperatures are recommended to increase the rate of penetration.

It is recommended to apply a second coating after a few weeks or months, with subsequent treatments as needed. Highly weathered, or more porous types of wood are more vulnerable to water damage and will require more product and more treatments for best protection. Large cracks need to be filled with an adhesive wood filler prior to using AltiSeal.

Some applications such as outdoor wood furniture may require higher absorption rates for a quick dry. More bulky items may require a deeper penetration before the product cures. Product use in cold temperatures may require thinning for faster drying times. In such cases, AltiSeal can be diluted with mineral spirits, most paint thinners or solvents such as xylene to increase the absorption rate of the product. However, it is best to use AltiSeal at highest possible concentration for the best protection. Test small amounts of AltiSeal or dilutions of it in an inconspicuous area to determine best conditions for each application. 

Equipment or small spills can easily be cleaned up with soap and water, paint thinners, mineral spirits or suitable solvents.