Product design

The experience with the cabin (see “our story”) prompted the need for a high-performance penetrating sealant and reinforcement for weathered and unfinished wood. The primary objectives were to develop a product with a long lasting, high waterproofing function that will repel water at the wood surface and keep water out of the wood core. It was also important to create a mechanism for the structural reinforcement of damaged wood. We needed a deep penetrating liquid with a delayed crosslinking function that will allow structural reinforcement by chemical bonding within the core wood structure.  

Most of the commercial products used seemed to have a solvent in the formulation that evaporated over time. We wanted everything we put on the wood, to stay on and in the wood, hence the need for a concentrated product with no solvents or volatile components in the formulation. This approach led to a product with zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) which also allowed an environment friendly, non-flammable product with high renewable content. We also wanted a stable product that did not require any shaking before use.

Another practical aspect was cleaning of equipment and spills. Having a solvent free product with delayed curing mechanism allowed the reuse of brushes and roller for several days – no cleaning required in-between work sessions; you can just continue where you stopped before. Once done, equipment and spills can easily be cleaned with dish soap and water, followed by a good rinse.