Case studies

Environmentally friendly: A new cedar birdhouse was coated with AltiSeal on the inside and outside. Within a few days, a Carolina Wren pair moved in, built a nest and completed a successful hatch. The birds accepted the coating and it did not show any negative affect to the young.



Waterproofing:  AltiSeal was applied to the righthand beam of a previously stained pine deck and the picture was taken about 1 hour after a thunderstorm. Water on the left-hand beam was completely absorbed into the wood, while water on the right-hand beam is repelled and allowed to evaporate – keeping water OFF and OUT of the wood. 



Appearance:  AltiSeal is not a stain, but does bring out the natural color of wood. Older and weathered wood can deviate a lot from the original color. Here, only the middle plank of the aged cedar fence was coated to show the contrast. The effect of the coating will be very similar to what the wood looks like when wet. It is important to note that a gradient in weathering or previous treatments can be emphasized by the coating.